5 Cool Benefits of Android Auto

Google has always been at the forefront of technology and its application in our daily activities. Whenever Google isn’t at the forefront, be rest assured that they are following closely behind.

A proof of this is their invention of  Android Auto as a standalone software for android devices to connect to vehicles in order to enhance and ease driving experience.

Like Apple CarPlay,  Android auto is an interface between your car and your mobile phone so that you’re not torn between using your phone and driving. It integrates your phone into your car.



Top 5 Android Auto Features

Using Android auto comes with interesting features which we would discuss below but before that , have a look at out buyer’s guide on the top rated android auto head units on the market.

1). OK Google and Text to Speech :

No matter your skill level with an android phone, you must have seen the OK Google feature one or twice intentionally or accidentally. It’s a text to speech feature that converts a recording of what you say into action.

For example, you could say a couple of words while the feature is on and then the words will be written on your phone in text. You could also use this feature to access different commands on your phone by just saying so. This particular feature redefines the entire car-to-vehicle integration. With your phone connected, you could simply turn on the music by literally saying so.

However, you will need to install the google and google text to speech (TTS) app on your phone and then enable it by clicking on “settings”, “voice” and then “OK Google”.  To make sure that the feature is enabled, click on the “language and input” feature under “settings”, click on “text to speech” and then set the speed for playback to match your preference.

Follow the simple instructions if it’s your first time. Considering that it does exactly what you say, how hard could it possibly be?


2). Navigation :

With Android Auto, you can get directions to different places without any trouble with the help of Google Maps.

Google Maps is one of the most detailed maps in the world, and using the text to speech feature, you could input your desired location and get the fastest route to your destination. It also gives live updates on different road options and you can choose the fastest without pressing a button.

Some of the map apps on Android Auto contain detailed maps with millions of destinations and popular hangouts in areas such as the united states, Canada and even Puerto Rico.

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3). Seamlessly control your music playback :

No doubt, the audio of your cars’ stereo is better than your phones’ tiny speaker. Integrating your phone to your vehicles’ stereo via the android auto could make the fun level during your travel go from 10 – 100 in seconds.

Firstly, you get access to a better audio delivery and then you get an easier access to your music library. The best thing about the Android auto and music is that with the text to speech feature, you don’t have to scroll down with your fingers looking for a song. You can simply input your command by asking it to play whatever song you like in simple commands.

Apart from a seamless access to your phone’s music library, you also have access to the latest releases on Spotify as well as other leading podcast services.


4). Make hands-free Phone calls :

It’s unsafe to have your phone pressed against your ear with one hand while driving and using a headset could sometimes be a bother depending on how long the phone call lasts for. Using OK google ,  you can easily trigger the call command , call the persons’ name and have your call placed without any trouble. For example, “Ok Google, Call Hannah”, and just like that, your call will be placed.

If you don’t have the phone number on your contact list, you can access your call pad by tapping on the phone on the screen of the Auto head unit, dial the number and place your call.


5). Auto Launch :

One of the most tiring things about these kinds of mobile application is starting up every time you need to use it. It’s just like turning on your PC every time you need to use it, and having to wait minutes for it to come on when you need it at that instant. The Auto Start feature in the Android Auto takes care of that for you.

With  Auto Launch, you can have Android Auto launched in your vehicle before you get it as long as your Bluetooth is on. Once the car detects your Bluetooth proxy address, Android Auto automatically comes on, and you could have it ready before you get out of the garage.


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