Apple Carplay vs Android Auto [Infographic]


What is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Apple Carplay and Android Auto are slimmed down versions of  the Android & iOs Operating system. They are built specifically for cars and provide advanced functions and entertainment as you journey.

How do they compare?

Android Auto & Apple Carplay are very similar. Infact , they do the same thing only that one is owned by Google while the other is owned by Apple.

However , both softwares are not cross platform compactable which means you cannot use an iPhone with Android Auto and vice versa.



Setting Up

Setting up Android Auto and Apple Carplay is very easy and there is not much difference between them. Just connect your phone to your car’s stereo via a USB cable and you’re all set.

However , for Apple CarPlay , Siri MUST be activated on your phone.

Winner – They’re roughly level.



Apple CarPlay has phone-like interface with clear apps.

With Android Auto you’ll have to toggle between options which may take some time to get used to.

Winner – CarPlay wins hands down.

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Voice Control

With CarPlay you can access voice control by simply saying ‘Hey, Siri’.

With Auto you need to press on the voice button on the steering wheel or you can toggle to the microphone option on the system.

However, once activated, Google Assistant/OK Google can understand and pronounce words much better than Siri.

Winner – CarPlay voice control is easier to access; Android Auto voice control understands terms better.



Apple CarPlay uses Apple Maps while Android Auto uses Google Maps. You can also access Waze from Android Auto.

Winner – Android Auto wins because Google Maps is much more interactive and up to date than Apple Maps. It also supports the Waze navigation app.



Both CarPlay and Auto have their respective music services – iTunes and Google Play Music. Apart from that , they both allow access to third party apps like Spotify.

Winner – They’re level on this count.



Both CarPlay and Auto allow hands-free calling and texting and both allow you to dictate your message and will read out received messages.

Siri (Apple CarPlay)’s voice is a bit more expressive than Google Assistant/OK Google (Android) .

BUT Siri sometimes make errors identifying who you want to message/call. Such errors are less frequent in Android Auto.

Winner – They’re roughly the same.


Supported Apps

Both CarPlay and Auto allow access to third party apps.

Winner – Android Auto wins hands down because

  • Quantity – It supports many more apps than CarPlay.
  • Quality – CarPlay supports mainly audio apps while Auto supports many kinds of apps including Waze, a navigation app.



We can conclude that Android Auto comes on top because

  • Voice control is better.
  • Navigation is much more interactive. You can also use the Waze app if you want.
  • Android Auto supports many more AND different kinds of apps than Apple CarPlay.




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