Best Double Din Navigation 2017 Reviews & Ratings

Best Double Din Navigation

Is it time for a new double din navigator? Do you need to spice up your driving experience with good music? Do you need to feel safe with the help of a GPS navigation system when driving?

If you answered yes to the preceding questions, then you’re in the right place to get comprehensive and quality information about the best double din navigation on the market.


If you agree that driving is much enjoyable with music on and much safer with GPS then you’ll know how valuable a double din head unit is in your car. Essentially that’s why we’ve curated this list of the best double din head units.


There are various brands and models of double din stereos with different features, it’s hard to know exactly which ones will work the best for your needs. This review will be helpful by way of helping you figure out which products to go for.


What is a Double Din Head Unit?

For those that don’t know why this vehicle gadget is called a double din head unit and for clarity sake, it is important we give a brief explanation of what exactly it is. One Din panels prevalently measure 180mm × 50mm compared to double din panels that measure 180mm × 100mm.


Due to technological advancements in technology, a lot of the companies that manufacture double din heads are beginning to concentrate on production of double din panels because they’re big designs allow them to fit into the cars big dashboard. These designs have different advanced features that make for a fast-paced tablet driven experience. Recently, the stereos have become more prominent and the control buttons and panels are getting bigger for the user to interact with.


Double din units are also more advanced than conventional Din panels and double din touch screen navigation stereos have become one of the most popular types. They come with features like better sound quality, Onboard GPS navigation, USB input, Bluetooth and even reverse camera capabilities. So there are plenty reasons to upgrade from the radio that came with your car.


Best Double Din Navigation Unit 2017

As soon as you’ve made your decision on which features mean the most to you in a double din stereo, purchasing one won’t be much of a stress any longer. Below, you’ll get a concise but quality and in-depth review of the best double din navigation on the market to help you get started with enjoying a safer and fun filled drive.


1. Pioneer AVH-280BT :





Pioneer is known widely as one of the top makers of high-quality sound and stereo systems and the AVH-280BT is one of its more streamlined and simplified models. Although you shouldn’t except a bunch of extra features from this unit, the quality, and functionality for your basic needs is top notch.


It has a 6.2-inch display screen that’s easy to read and has a wonderful response to touch. This means there’s plenty of screen space for everything you need to see. The screen resolution is also excellent for its size ensuring that you’ll be seeing everything with lots of clarity.

Connectivity and control

It uses the very innovative, powerful and spontaneous NEX user interface. This interface is alert, quite user-friendly and is easily customizable. You can also choose among the three colors available for the display so as to match the lighting of the device to your vehicle’s inner lighting. The Pioneer AVH-280BT can be connected to your phones and devices via a 3.5mm AUX or a USB port.

This double DIN unit can connect to the user’s phone via Bluetooth meaning you can quickly and easily take a call or listen to music from your phone without being distracted. For the price, this is a very good deal.

Audio quality

It features a tailback camera feedback, DVD/CA player, and a high quality 200 Watt speaker to engage your ears with quality sound. It also has radio functions with, 6 AM and 18 FM stations already pre-set for your listening pleasure.



  • It comes with a high-resolution 6.2-inch display with a display resolution of 800×480 pixels
  • This unit is quite easy to install
  • It can be connected via Bluetooth
  • Features a five – band graphic equalizer
  • It has backup camera input
  • It also has resistive touchscreen



  • Touchscreen sometimes lack sensitivity
  • The backup camera sometimes has unclear pictures
  • Limited display settings



2. Jensen VX7022 :



You can describe the Jensen VX7022 double DIN as simple and user-friendly. It streams music excellently and when it comes to sound quality of head units or what any double DIN on the market can offer, this is arguably the best.



It features a 6.2 inch LCD screen that has all you need and even more of what you might need on a screen of this nature. With digital controls that are highly intuitive and easy to read, this double din can be used by anyone without any issues. It also has a GPS navigation system that allows you clearly see and know where you’re going and your current position.


Connectivity and control

It can be connected to your phone in via Bluetooth or AUX for listening to audio or hands-free calling. It’s probably the best head unit for Android users in terms of compatibility and ease of usage because many other units tend to work more perfectly with Apple products. Although it doesn’t look so sophisticated and very stylish, you’ll be safe and happy with this head unit.


Audio quality

One of the hallmarks of this double DIN is the fact that it can read and play almost any type of sound file. This means that no matter the media you have on your device or where you’re playing it from (CD, phone, music player), you’ll be able to easily listen to your audio on this unit without losing sound quality.



  • It features a large 6.2 inch LCD screen
  • It has a micro SD card input
  • Can be charged via the USB AUX
  • Compatible with CD and DVD
  • It is compatible with all phone types
  • Comes with 5 background colors
  • It can sync with your smartphone
  • Is speaker has a 2.1 amp capacity



  • Brightness isn’t adjustable and might be too high at night for some users
  • Radio reception isn’t always strong
  • Depending on connectivity, navigation voice could be delayed



3. Pioneer AVH-4100NEX :



The pioneer AVH-4100NEX is an ultimate head unit you can’t but consider because it includes all the essential features we look for in a double din but in even more innovative ways.



This head unit is a winner and what makes it special is its screen size. It has a complete 7-inch display while most units in its range have a 6.2-inch display which means the menu navigation is of the highest quality you can find and everything is way easier to read. Its screen mirroring capabilities makes it even more amazing to use meaning you can view images, read texts and operate your phone on a larger display.


Connectivity and Controls

Another hallmark of this head unit is its remote control that allows passengers in the car make selections without disturbing the person driving in any way.


For hands-free calls, you can connect your smartphone to the double din via Bluetooth. In terms of navigation, it is probably the best double din you’ll find. It has phone sync functions that allow you connect your smartphone to use your apps on the head unit without you holding your phone.


Audio quality

Talking about the sound of this stereo, it comes with 3 pre-amp meaning you’ll be getting a full sound system upgrade with the Pioneer AVH-4100NEX. It even allows connection of up to 3 amplifiers just to allow you get the best out of your music listening experience.



  • A large and powerful 7-inch LCD screen with an 800×480 pixel resolution
  • Comes with a remote control
  • It’s compatible with backup cameras
  • Sync capabilities and compatibility with most smartphones
  • Allows Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with Sirius/XM
  • Charges via USB connection.
  • It features 3 preamp outputs
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty



  • It’s not very compatible with Android devices but it’s perfect with iPhones
  • A separate attachment is needed to play DVDs
  • Response time of touchscreen might delay once in a while


4. Kenwood DPX501BT :



If you want a more hands-on double din unit, this is the device for you. When compared to other double din units in this review, the Kenwood DPX501BT is on the basic end of the spectrum but nonetheless, it might be preferred by some users to a modern touchscreen unit. It has the traditional knobs and buttons meaning you can control your stereo and custom options way easier than on a touch screen.



This model has a variable color display and allows you customize different elements on the screen to blend in with the interior of your car. It has a very crisp display with good contrast bit it’s not very bright during the day. It’s uncluttered and intuitive user interface makes pairing with your smartphone very easy.


Connectivity and Control

However, the old school design and feel don’t mean it lacks the necessary and modern functionalities. You can connect your phone to the unit via Bluetooth in order to make listening to music and making hands-free calls easier. It also has phone sync capabilities to allow it sync to your phone so that you can control the music player straight through the stereo, meaning you do not have to play the music on your phone while you drive.


Audio quality

The audio of this stereo has a lot of bass in it and it can get your car thumping with little effort. It even has a bass boost option.



  • It comes with an easy to use interface
  • It has the capability to sync with most smartphones
  • It is pretty easy to install
  • Can play all types of music files
  • It is Sirius/XM compatible
  • It takes CDs and can be connected via AUX input
  • 4 channels and RMS 22 watts



  • Some users might not appreciate the analog screen display
  • Display is not bright enough during the day
  • Sound quality might lag in very rare cases
  • USB connection stops at times



5. Pioneer FH-X720BT Double DIN CD Bluetooth :



The Pioneer FH-X720BT has made the dreams of a lot of car users come to reality. It has crystal clear sound quality and that’s just one out of its many strong points.



This double din features a LED backlight, a multi-segmented, multi-line LCD screen that’s 35% larger than some other Pioneer double din models. This means the display is easier to read and use.


Connectivity and Controls

It boasts one of the best connectivity strengths for double din units in its range. It connects and pairs seamlessly with iOS and Android devices and it’s very easy to install and setup. It works excellently with Spotify and Pandora at the highest quality without lagging or stuttering all along producing a full dynamic range of all your tracks.

The Bluetooth technology deployed in this head unit can be used for different things ranging from making calls to streaming music straight from your phone. For those people who love more than just the basic features in a gadget, they’ll cherish the quirky and fun add-on features that come with this model.


Audio quality

Other interesting features of this head unit is the remote control, a wired remote input, a built-in MOSFET 50W × 4 amplifier and two sets of RCA preouts of 2V. With its sleek design, Pioneer FH-X720BT promises an elegant, responsive and intuitive user experience. It features a customizable sound experience with a 5 band graphic equalizer, subwoofer controls and low-cost and high-pass filter settings.



  • It features an MIXTRAX mode that blends your music with effects and Dj-like transitions
  • It’s Bluetooth connectivity is off the hook with new selection features
  • Great sound and audio quality
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Screen brightness is adjustable and has an auto-dim feature
  • Display is customizable



  • The highest level of brightness isn’t even very bright during the day
  • Music files are played in an alphabetical order when using USB wired connection



Buying Guide For Double Din Head Units

Buying a new stereo for your car could be a tedious task if you don’t know what exactly to look for. In this section, we’ll show you the important factors to consider before purchasing any double din navigators. If you don’t know, most Double DIN Units are alike in so many ways but the critical differences are the things that determine how well it will perform in your car. Having said that, these are a list of factors to be considered



This is about how usable the unit you’ll be purchasing will be usable to you. You should be sure to answer the question of it fits into your preferences. For some, a touch screen system is perfect for whatever they want while others prefer having knows and buttons to control their gadgets. Check out the different setups available and decide which ones you’ll prefer.



If you’re an audiophile that needs a pumped up jam, it means you’ll need to find a stereo unit that’s got a lot of power. What we’re trying to say is, the more power there is in a head unit, the better the overall unit that it can produce.


Pre-Amp Outputs

For those that have decided that all they need is a state-of-the-art speaker system, it means they’ll have to pay attention to the pre-amp outputs of double din stereos you’ll be considering. Pre-amps are signals that are produced before being amplified.


The higher the outputs, the more you can adjust the listening experience you get to suit you. However, if what you want is a simple stereo gadget, then one pre-amp is just perfect for you.



You might be concerned if any double Din unit will fit into your car’s dashboard but there is no need to worry. The reason is, the classification and design of double Din units are based on a widely accepted standard size; therefore any double Din unit will fit into space in your dashboard. One other thing that bothers car owners often is if the audio built-in controls on the wheel will be compatible with the double Din head units. All that is needed is an adapter that’ll help your new unit connect automatically with the buttons on your wheel.


Theft protection

Double din head units are so easy to install and that makes them also to uninstall and by extension easy to steal. Different units come with different designs that help to minimize the risk of theft like some Din units that come with detachable heads.



Double Din head units have gotten very popular over the years and so many people are beginning to tilt towards buying the very advanced accessories for their cars. This means that every can owner knows how important having a double din unit is and you won’t regret any decision you make after reading this review. Just choose carefully because every brand and model of double din head units have its own strengths and weaknesses.


If you’ve dutifully gone through this review of the best double din navigation then you know about these units more than 90% of the world population and we’re sure you’re ready to choose which double din navigation unit is best for you.


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