Today’s Best Lights For Every Garage

There are lots of lighting products on the market with different brand names and models and they vary in their features. Therefore , It is not in your best interest to just choose any one because the user reviews are in favor of it. Rather , you should understand what your garage needs and how that need applies to you. Then you can make a calculated decision based on your findings.

The best garage lights could be the difference between facing a blinding light every time you park in the garage after a long day, or the least of your worries when you’re trying to fix a car in the garage. This review is aimed at providing you a detailed description of the features of the best garage lights along with their pros and cons.

Eventually , the best light for your garage will be the one whose cons you can afford to ignore or whose pros outweigh its cons in your opinion.




Here Are The Top 5 Best Garage Lights Of 2018

Of all the products we researched , the 5 listed below are of the highest quality and are the best garage lights that will lighten up your garage. Also , be sure to read our buyer’s guide at the end of this page. It will help you make a good decision.

ProductBulb TypePower (In Watts)LumensColor Temp.Lifespan (Hrs)Saves Energy Cost ByPricing
1). Hyperikon T8 T10 T12 LED 48 watts Light Tube LED18W23405000K45,00063%
2). Sunco LightingLED40W40005000K50,00065%
3). TriLight Garage Light - Best Motion Sensored Garage Light LED25W30005400KNot specifiedNot specified
4). Hyperikon T8 40 watts LED Shop Light Tube LED18WNot specified4000K45,00055%
5). Luceco 3600 Lumen / 4000K Cool White 4ft Shatterproof Plug-in LED Shop LightLED36W36004000K40,00060%

1. Hyperikon T8 T10 T12 LED 18 watts Light Tube :

Hyperikon is synonymous to reliability and durability and the 45,000 plus hours lifetime and 5-year warranty on this model confirms what the brand stands for.

Given its 18 watts consumption, the 2340 lumens and 5000K of white glow emitted is very impressive. In simpler terms, this means that it consumes a very low amount of electricity (because the lighting is made of Light Emitting Diode (LED Bulbs) and delivers an impressive great deal of light in return.

Economically  , you would be saving about 63% on your electricity bill compared to regular best garage lights that consume more energy and deliver less quality of lighting.

This garage bulb is dual end powered which means that electricity flows into it from both ends of the bulb leaving less chance for interruptions due to a shifted or broken terminal. However, this feature does not prevent it from working with your previous lamp holder installation.

In that case, a simple bypass of ballast may be required although it can be used both with and without the ballast. It runs cool and gives out minimal heat with an operating temperature range of 22°F to 125°F. The major downside is the length of the switch. High ceilings might pose a challenge when switching on or off.

Its installation is so easy that a basic knowledge of electrical fitting will get the job done. If you’re lacking in that area, there’s an installation guide in the package that you can refer to.

2. Sunco Lighting :

This 10 pack shop light is made of incomparable materials which gives it a lifetime of over 50,000 hours. It is the most preferred by electricians and electrical contractors because it has the most demanding quality control procedures.

Its quality control ensures that the best quality of lighting is delivered without you worrying about light flickering, the bulb getting damaged easily or heating up your place. It’s safe for the environment as it has no mercury or UV trace in it. This combination is backed by a 5-year warranty during which the manufacturers expect nothing less than an excellent performance.

The Sunco lighting is made of light emitting diode bulbs which basically consume significantly less energy much that you save about 65% percent on your electric bills compared to other garage lights.

Efficiency is also improved such that it doesn’t contribute to global warming, mercury contamination in water bodies or nuclear waste. Its resistive properties have control over current leakage and guarantee no humming sounds while its working even when the input and output are significantly high.

Its installation uses a surface and suspend mount which is simple, fast and doesn’t necessarily require any extra wiring. After installation, connecting it to electricity uses a simple plug-n-play procedure with a 5 feet long power plug. The pull cord switch is 18.5 inches long, which is quite convenient for most roof heights.

Apart from the 5 year guarantee, the Energy Star brand on this product is an extra proof of quality.

3. TriLight Garage Light – Best Motion Sensored Garage Light :

The Trilight garage light is a motion activated ceiling light for garages, rooms, basements and buildings that require more lighting than that of normal bulbs in general.

The lighting boasts of 3000 lumens of light intensity while drawing only 25 watts of energy compared to the 800 lumens produced by traditional light bulbs that consume about three times more energy. This option, like other LED bulbs , saves you energy while providing you with a more detailed lighting setting that gets to the even bendy corners in your garage / apartment.

It features adjustable aluminum LED heads and therefore requires the expertise of a licensed electrician to install. However, if you plan on DIY, it has an installation manual which explains in a step-by-step guide how to install.

One impressive feature of the Trilight is that it is motion activated, featuring an ultra-sensitive motion sensor which detects movement either from you when you enter the room, or from your vehicle when it enters the garage, and turns on automatically. This feature is optional as it tends to be an issue for people with rodents or pets living in their apartment. You don’t want the light coming on unnecessarily.

The downside to it is that it is made of microwave motion sensor which is so sensitive that it can detect motion through the windows. For this reason, you can’t exactly peep through to window to confirm if the light is on or off because whenever you’re around it just turns on.

Apart from this, the durability of this product is backed by a SGS certificate which indicates that it is tested to UL standards.

4. Hyperikon T8 18 watts LED Shop Light Tube :

This 40-watt rated Hyperikon light tube is a California best seller with a proven track record of offering the highest standard in commercial lighting.

You’ll mostly find them installed in supermarkets, hotels and even schools in the LA and San Diego areas of the United states for a lot of reasons, chief of them being that they are very much compatible with T8, T10 and T12 fixtures with the exception of the 1-packs. The 1-packs have their own LED non-shunted tombstones which are quite easy to retrofit and wire using a ballast bypass installation.

The equivalent consumption rating is 18 watts, which compared to traditional bulbs, you’ll be saving about 55% of your electricity bill for 4000k of lighting guaranteed for over 45,000 hours’ lifetime.

This rating does not impose any inconvenience as the operational temperature is capped at -25°F to 140°F. Given their shade proof design, they are compatible with both indoor and outdoor lighting with various pack sizes and customizable color temperatures.

To power it, you only have to connect to one end of the lamp holder, four of which come free with every purchase. In addition to the freebies, there’s a 5year warranty on the product that ensures that every customer is 100% satisfied if possible.

5. Luceco 3600 Lumen / 4000K Cool White 4ft Shatterproof Plug-in LED Shop Light :

In addition to being an energy saver, the Luceco 3600 Lumen is very affordable. It offers about 60% energy saving compared to traditional bulbs, and provides instant illumination after powering it. This means that there’s no flickering, hot and cold spots or warmup time needed. It just goes on and lights up the room like the sun in the day.

The glass construction combined with the frosted lens provides a 240-degree wide beam of uniformly distributed lighting that gets to every concealed corner of the room.

Its durability is complemented by the shatterproof thermoplastic glass design as well as the absence of mercury or UV in its makeup, thus making it a healthy option for in-house use. The lighting is cased inside a strong thermoplastic housing that does not conduct and radiate heat even when it has been on for too long.

Installation is easy and quick with a plug-in style and an inline on/off switch to turn it on. To power it, there’s a 5-foot cord integrated with the inline switch that’s easily accessible whether it is suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a tall wall surface.

The downside is that the power is not linkable to all lighting connections, therefore, you’ll have to separately power them. This might be an extra work for the electrician, but once that is done, you’ll have a delightful experience with the bulb for at least the first 5 years with warranty.


Buyer’s Guide – Top Considerations

To get a good light for your garage , you will have look further than the warranty and the number of bulbs that come with each set or whatever other deceptive selling point that shady marketers use to bait buyers. Here are the 2 main points to consider :

  • Energy Efficiency and Consumption :

LED bulbs tend to provide more lighting at lower costs. These costs include the amount of energy consumed as well as your convenience. If traditional bulbs generated as much light as LED bulbs did, the room would become a spa, literally. Traditional bulbs tend to get hotter as long as they are still on.

With LED types, you are bound to save at least 50% of your energy consumption for even better lighting. In addition to that, they also have longer lifetime. The products in the review above boast of at least 40,000 hours of guaranteed lighting.

  • Coloring :

LED lights are available in different colors, namely the cool daylight white, the yellow warm white, among others. Your choice depends on the room you’re lighting and just how detailed you need the lighting to be. If you have the extra cash, there are some models that have adjustable lighting colors, and they are worth every single penny.

Other purchase considerations include the brand name which denotes authenticity. That is why our reviewed products are chosen from the most revered brands on the market.

The warranty, the cost effectiveness – which is basically the relationship between the price and the features compared to other products in the same category, as well as verified user reviews, are also pointers to choosing the best light for your garage.


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