The 5 Best Garage Parking Aid Of 2018

One of the tedious aspects of driving is parking especially in garages. This doesn’t only apply to learners because on some days when your nerves are off balance, you might be an inch out of place and destroy the bumper or bonnet of a car.

The best garage parking aid , as the name implies, solves this problem by helping drivers fit their cars in the garage without destroying the car or messing up the garage in the process.

There are different implementations of this concept with different technologies put in place to help you park better. This review contains a list of the best garage parking aid .

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The 5 Best Garage Parking Aid Of 2018

With the numerous options on the market , it can be a daunting task to pick a good sensor for your garage. We spent hours on research and have compiled a list of the 5 best garage parking aid / sensors to help you park better.

MAXSA Park Right Garage Parking AssistMAXSA Park Right Garage Parking Assist2Laser beam
Park-It Parking Curb Garage Parking AidPark-It Parking Curb Garage Parking Aid1Bar
Chamberlain Universal Garage Parking AidChamberlain Universal Garage Parking Aid1Laser beam
Striker Adjustable Garage Parking SensorStriker Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor 2Ultrasonic
MAXSA Light Up LED Parking BallMAXSA Light Up LED Parking Ball1Ball

1). MAXSA Park Right Garage Laser Park – Best 2-car parking aid :

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MAXSA Park Right Garage Laser Park

MAXSA Park Right Garage Laser ParkThe best garage parking sensor is the MAXSA parking aid which uses laser beams to guide you to the perfect parking spot. It also uses motion detector technology so that it only turns on when you drive into the garage and not all the time.

The lasers are engineered using high quality 3A red LED beams which consumes very little electric current and don’t heat up as much as incandescent bulbs do. The laser has an impressive output of 5mw and a wavelength of about 650NM, which is a very good range.

As you drive into the garage, the beam comes on and is directed at a predetermined spot in your vehicle. As you approach the beam, you can determine how well you’re doing on both sides, adjust accordingly and come to a stop when the beam incidents on the measured spot in your car – mostly on your dashboard.

The best thing about this model is that it uses two lasers, which means it can be used for two car garages and you don’t need to install twice.

Also, given the quality of the laser, it works perfectly fine even in dimly lit rooms. The installation can be done by simply following the user manual provided, using a mounting bracket and mounting hardware which can be drilled or screwed into the roof of the garage.

The only downside is the narrow adjustment angles. This means that you have to get the installation right because the feeder of the beams cannot be turned more than 60 degrees.

  • This aid is perfect for 2 car garages
  • I like that it uses motion sensor technology
  • It works perfectly ; even in dimly lit rooms
  • Feeder beams cannot be turned more than 60 degrees

2). Park-It Parking Curb – Best Parking Stop Parking Aid :

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Park-It Parking Curb

Park-It Parking CurbThe Park-It parking curb is basically a simple bar that looks like a road bump and like road bumps , it stops your car while you’re parking.

This particular bar weighs about 34 pounds and is 6 feet long, which means that it is very portable and can be installed in any garage while you park. Apart from being light weight and portable, it is also weatherproof so you can be sure to use it for as long as possible.

It does not require any complex procedure or heavy equipment to install –  just place it on a spot in the garage where your tires are not supposed to pass. So when your vehicle reaches that spotand it’s hard to accelerate , then you know you should stop.

The yellow squares imprinted on the bar are in-molded reflective tapes which reflect light at night, making it visible in the dark so that you don’t run into is and ruin the garage or even dent the vehicle.

The flexibility of the bar makes it conform to any terrain especially uneven road surfaces, both concrete and asphalt. However, seeing as it could be a lot of trouble to get out of the car to install the bar at every parking spot, it is best to have a few installed at different parking spots in your house and in your personal parking space at the office.

In addition to being flexible, it is made of high quality material which is resistant to UV light, moisture, extreme temperatures and oil. The only downside is that you might need more than one for your convenience and it is a little expensive.

  • I like how simple the concept is and how effective it works
  • I like that it very flexible and can be moved about
  • I like that it is resistant to ultraviolet light, moisture, oil and extreme temperatures which assures me of durability
  • It is expensive and you may need more than one if you have a large garage

3). Chamberlain Universal Garage Parking Aid – Best laser beam parking aid :

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Chamberlain Universal Garage Parking Aid

The Chamberlain Universal Garage parking aid features laser beam technology that directs you to the correct garage parking position.

It does so by firing the beam to a specific direction and the beam incidents on a predetermined position on your vehicle, you know it’s okay to put the car in a parking gear.

This predetermined position can either be on the hood of your car, the windshield or penetrate directly into the dashboard on a spot you’ve marked.

This kind of technology is quite familiar among most parking aids, but in this case, the parking aid is an integral part of the garage setting.

Some other laser parking aids use motion sensor technology to turn on and off, while the Chamberlain turns off one minute after using the garage door openers (it works with all garage door openers).

Installation is quite easy as the device itself is lightweight and can be installed on the roof of the garage, the wall or any other vintage point from which the beam could be directed towards the vehicle. It comes with an anchor and screws, therefore you only need to drill the anchor into the surface and then screw the device on it.

If you’re worried about your own safety, the laser beams use a class two laser technology which is visible in dim light and safe for the eyes too. The perk that comes with this safety feature is that the light is not very visible during daylight. On the bright side, it can work for two car garages at once.

  • I like that it works effectively with a garage door opener
  • I like that it can be installed anywhere in the garage
  • Some users complained the laser beam is weak

4.) Striker Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor – Best adjustable garage parking aid :

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Striker Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor

Striker Adjustable Garage Parking SensorThe Striker Parking Aid uses ultrasonic sensors to determine the range between an oncoming vehicle and the surface on which it is installed.

When it’s reasonably distant, it stays on green, yellow when you’re close to the preset ideal parking spot, and red when you need to stop. It’s like having a traffic light in your garage, except there’d be no traffic warden to hold you responsible for crashing into the garage.

It is quite simple to install as it can be attached to different surfaces such as a shelf, hung on a wall or even a working bench in your garage. You simply need to attach it using a double sided tape and a Velcro which are included in the package.

The important thing to note is that you have to install the device in a position that faces you as you come into the garage with the indicator light facing the driver.

Depending on the size of your garage and how much space you can allow for parking, you need to set the various distances for the various indicators using the “Set Distance button”. The setting is completed when all the indicators are on. The range of the ultrasonic sensor is 6 inches to 6 foot, therefore you have to make sure that the various indicator limits are within this range.

One advantage of this device is given that it does not require any permanent installation; it can work in two-car garages. The indicator lights are very visible, but the entire technology tends to consume a lot of battery.

  • I like the “traffic light” concept which i believe everyone is familiar with
  • The ultrasonic sensor has a wide range
  • I like that it can work in 2 car garages.
  • It consumes a lot of battery

5). MAXSA Light Up LED Parking Ball – Best ball parking aid :

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MAXSA Light Up LED Parking Ball

MAXSA Light Up LED Parking BallThe MAXSA Light Up LED Parking Ball is an improvement of the old “tennis ball hanging from the garage ceiling” parking solution, except in this case, when the windshield of the car touches the ball, it lights up.

There’s not so much to it. To install, all you need do is to tie the rope firmly to the green ball and using the anchor provided, screw the other end of the rope to the wall to mount it.

The rope is usually 8 feet long, which you can adjust depending on the height of your ceiling or whatever surface you hang it on.

Compared to other models, this ball has been improved such that it looks like a tennis ball and it’s more sensitive given its softer texture. While this has reduced its durability a bit, it is quite inexpensive and very fitting for those who are on a small budget.

Obviously the lighting requires batteries to work and this tends to be an issue especially with the laser beam types. However, this parking aid comes with three replaceable batteries which can last you months no matter how frequently they are used.

Some users have complained that the sensitivity of the ball isn’t quite commendable as you’d have to be driving at three to four miles per hour in order to get a reaction out of the ball.

Apart from this, there’s a disclaimer on the product that says its chemical contents are known by the State of California to cause cancer and have defects or reproductive harm. For this reason, it’s best to keep it out of the reach of children. Also, don’t try to open and fix it if its faulty. Dispose far away from the house and don’t try to burn it.

Buyer’s Guide – What Factors Should You Consider?

According to the reviews, one can’t really put a number on the types of parking guides on the market as new innovations are marketed every day. However, from these few you should be able to decide which one works best for your garage. The factors that should influence that decision include;

The size of your garage :

For large garages, you should consider the two-car garage aids such as the laser beams and the ultrasonic sensors because they can be easily set up especially in large spaces. Small garages on the other hand can make do with low tech parking aids such as the parking stops.

How precisely do you need to be parked? :

In cases of precision, the ultrasonic sensors can do the job because you can have it positioned at the center of your preferred spot, and then you can simply aim for it. Another reasonable consideration is the laser beams.

You can also see the beam from afar and quickly adjust the steering so that the beam falls to the middle of the dashboard, leaving enough space to open the doors, or for another car to park.

Durability :

The durability also matters. I can’t imagine that you’d want to constantly visit the store because you need to get a new set of parking aids. Even if you had that much time on your hands, installing different parking aids over and over can become tiresome overtime.

If the garage is not very accommodating, you could consider the parking curb which is the most durable and the easiest to install. It’s so durable that even if your car did go over it, it wouldn’t get damaged

Sensitivity :

The sensitivity of some parking aids are questionable, such as the ball which most users have complained didn’t respond well till they drove about 4mph in the garage. Your garage might not be big enough for that risk so you might need something more sensitive.

In my opinion, the ultrasonic sensor is the most sensitive as it can sense your vehicle 6 feet away. It literally measures how close you are and alerts you when you should get ready to stop, like a traffic light

Other factors include your budget, portability, and installation ease. Take your time with these conditions and make an informed decision of your purchase choice.

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