Maintain Your Car Seats With The Best Leather Conditioners

I’m sure you will agree with me that leather is one of the most aesthetically looking and versatile materials on earth and thus , should be properly maintained in order to keep it glowing.

Leather looks fabulous when it is fresh and soft and just like cloth , leather also needs to be maintained frequently. Sweat, dirt , grease and other unwanted substances often gets trapped in the corners and pores of leather materials and this is why you should have the best leather conditioners / cleaner for proper maintenance.




Here Are The 5 Best Leather Conditioners Of 2018

In this article , we review the top 5 best leather conditioners on the market. Some of these products have been in the market for years and trusted by thousands of users. Their use also goes beyond automotive (can be used to condition / clean any leather material).

Leather ConditionerOur RatingsCheck Price
Leather Honey Leather Conditioner4.9
Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner4.9
Trinova Leather Conditioner and cleaner 4.8
Chemical guys leather cleaner and conditioner4.7
LeatherNu Complete Leather Color restoration and repair4.6

1. Leather Honey Leather Conditioner – A Best Selling Conditioner :

For over 50 years , leather honey has held its place as a leader in this industry and they have one of the best leather conditioners . With its in-depth treatment lasts more than six months, this leather conditioner gives your old leather a new lavish look. Additionally, it has a moisturizing effect that leaves your leather feeling soft and tender.

The Leather Honey Conditioner  is nontoxic and silicone -free ; you can use it without fear of endangering your health and because the honey conditioner is absorbed perfectly into the leather, in most cases you have nothing left on the surface to wipe off after application.

This leather conditioner is clear and you can use it on any color of leather even white without fear of discoloration , however , you will need to dilute this conditioner to ensure maximum effect.

If you are looking for a product that has a long-lasting effect yet affordable, this is the leather conditioner for you.

Pros :

  • Odorless, non-corrosive, non-toxic silicon- free
  • Each application lasts for about six months
  • Has no wax or any petroleum products.
  • Can be used on all types of leather(except vinyl and simulated leather)
  • Does not expire therefore lasts longer

Cons :

  • May lead to two-toned appearances since it is absorbed evenly.
  • Leather surface may feel a little sticky afterward.
  • Time-consuming diluting the leather conditioner concentration.


2. Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner – Another Powerful Conditioner :

Just like the leather honey’s conditioner, this product has been on the market since 1882. It is incredible in several ways as you will discover below.

Bickmore Bock 4 leather conditioner applies more smoothly. Interestingly you can apply this product using your bare hands because it contains lanolin and other non –toxic products. The conditioner’s moisturizing effect leaves your leather looking and feeling softer than ever before. Its versatility allows it to be used on a broader range of leather including boots and shoes.

The conditioner is not sticky neither does it leave a sticky residue after application. For this reason, the product is recommendable on home, office furniture, car interiors, and other leather surfaces all around. Its application is easy hence does not consume most of your time which you would rather spend elsewhere.

Frequent application is not necessary; the Bickmore Bick 4 leather lasts long after one application. The fact that it does not darken your leather gives it an upper hand in the market. It only restores your leather to its original shine. This leather conditioner contains sunscreen properties to help protect your leather from Ultra-violet (UV) damage.

Pros :

  • Restores old leather with shiny finish
  • Can be used in a broader variety of leather both synthetic and exotic leather
  • One step application
  • Waxy -Free, does not leave a sticky residue on the leather surface.

Cons  :

  • May not be used on some other material such as suede or napped leathers.
  • It can only be more effective when applied on the recommended type of leather.


3. Trinova Leather Conditioner and cleaner :

Formerly known as leather nova, the Trinova leather conditioner and cleaner is one of the best leather conditioners of all times. This conditioner is suitable for all types of leather, handbags, and shoes; name it with Trinova you are good to go.

Trinova profoundly moisturizes and softens dry leather. Additionally, it is water-resistant; hence you need not worry about wearing your leather coat during the rainy season. It also readily cleans dirty leather as well as restores the cracked appearance in no time.

This conditioner is both non-irritating and non-toxic. It also has some sweet smelling fragrance.

To improve leather appearance, Trinova conditioner requires you to apply to the surface and then cleaned out softly using a smooth, soft cloth. By creating a smooth surface Trinova leather cleaner and conditioner protects your fabric from UV rays. Its versatility makes it easier to be used on a variety of leather even though it is not recommendable for suede.

The Trinova leather conditioner and cleaner leave your leather looking appealing. For this reason, it is highly recommended not only for its fragrance that will leave your leather smelling good but also for its long-lasting effect.

Pros :

  • Can be used for all type of leather items including exotic leather
  • Made of synthetic polymer hence non-toxic

Cons :

  • May not be ideal for individuals with chemical allergies because of its fragrance
  • Not recommended for on suede products

4. Chemical guys leather cleaner and conditioner :

In one purchase, you get both products. Interestingly isn’t it? This combination breathes life into your seats after just one use. Dirt that is often trapped in the leather is cleaned effortlessly giving your fabric a brand new look.

The cleaner removes dirt, oils and any unwanted substances trapped in the leather while the conditioner leaves it feeling soft and looking beautiful.

The chemical Guys leather cleaners and conditioner has a balanced pH that helps maintain durability and appearance of your leather.

This excellent kit of chemical guys is a perfect choice if you intend to give your car interior a new look. However, because it can transfer to fabrics when not fully absorbed, it is recommended that you let it dry out completely before you can sit.


Pros :

  • Has a pleasant leather fragrance
  • Comes as a set of two in one single purchase

Cons :

  • Adds fragrance to leather which may not be welcome ed by many users
  • Discolors any fabric that it touches before its absorbed fully
  • May not remove all the dirt from leather before application, you may need to use it as a combination or use it repeatedly.

5. LeatherNu Complete Leather Color restoration and repair :

Sold as leather restoration and repair kit, Leather Nu is ideal for both conditioning and repairing the leather in a single application.

The kit has a unique repair compound that enables you to seal burns and scratches on your leather to create a smooth service before application. For this reason, leather Nu is highly recommended for leather that is continuously under use such as shoes and cars.

With its seven colors that intermix effortlessly, leather repairs and brings life into an old discolored leather fabric. With repairs, all you have to do is trim off excess leather and use the repair substance in the package to fill in holes and sand it out to make a smooth surface that can be conditioned easily.

Pros :

  • Kit contains necessary material for repairs
  • Has wider variety of mixable colors
  • Able to conceal even severely damaged leather

Cons :

  • The kit has a limited number of texture papers that may not be enough for the repair process
  • Mixing color may be tricky especially for the first time users.

Our final thoughts

We understand that with time, leather loses its fanciness and becomes discolored. We sure hope that among the best leather conditioners reviewed above, you will find one that suits your needs as much as possible. Before any purchase, it is essential to go through each product individually and understand the information given. We feel that this buying guide made work easier for you.

Stay tuned to for more reviews.

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