How to do a Burnout in an Automatic Car

I’ld bet that the first time you saw a burn out was in a movie and it must have been really cool to see that. For whatever reason, if you’re considering it, you need to understand the mechanics guiding the entire operation to avoid accident.

In a burnout, the wheels of a car spins at a high frequency while the car stays static until you pop the clutch and then it springs into motion. Given this explanation, it is clear that burnouts are more specific to cars with manual transmission. To do the same with an automatic transmission, follow the steps explained below. However before going ahead with the steps, there are certain things that need to be in place to be safe, and for the trick to work.

Firstly, you need to have the right car. You can’t do a burnout in any old car except you just plan to wear out layers of expensive rubber tires for basic enjoyment and nothing else of dynamic significance. The car needs to have a lot of horse power, anything more than a 4-cylinder engine (especially for starters).

Apart from the engine configuration, the tires also need to be of high quality. If you remember the scene from Fast and Furious ; Tokyo drift , the main character basically wasted a lot of tires while drift training.

The same applies to burnout. Street tires give the best effect because they have smoother surface that will put out more smoke. Using ordinary tires will “burnout” the traction from them and using brakes with them will feel like braking on iced floors without ice tires.

If all of that is in place, you can go ahead with the burnout.




How to do a Burnout in an Automatic Car

Burnouts in manual engines are very dependent on the clutch, while in automatic transmissions it is a basic coordination between the throttle and the brakes.

To perform a burnout , shift to the Drive Gear (D) while holding the footbrake down as firmly as possible. Then build up the revs of the car by pedaling the throttle. You could start by doing short revs just to get the engine warmed up, then when you’re ready, let the rev go on for longer as fast as 4000 rpm and then release the footbrake.

The car should wheel-spin and leave some smoke behind. It is easier to maintain a burnout with a high rpm once the traction is lost. To stop the burnout, just let go of the gas.

So, if you plan on doing this before driving, just release the gas, bring the vehicle to a lower gear maybe, and then pedal the throttle again to be safe. If you’ve gotten a hang of it and the road before you is as clear as day, hold on to the steering as hard as possible and then let go of the brakes. It will feel like flying!

Watch video below for more :


The Donut :

A donut is basically a circular burnout. In this case however, you need to find an open space with no vehicles or obstacles you can run into because it is very easy to lose control of the car while doing it. This move is quite popular in music videos and made to look easy, but then again, with years of practice, you can make anything look easy.

To do this, first drive slowly in circles, then when you’ve gotten your bearing, hit the gas so hard that the rear tires lose traction while still holding the wheel steady in the same position as before.



Conclusion :

Other tricks include the peel-out and the rollback donut, both of which require the clutch for maximum effect. You also need to understand that they are illegal and dangerous. Therefore, either for practice or the need to impress your friends, you need to find a safe space like an abandoned garage with no obstacles to hit, calm down and go ahead.

Line lockers are devices that modify a car so that the brake pedal only works on the front brakes and not the back. This fully justifies the dynamics of a burnout as you can have the front brakes fully pedaled down, and then the throttle working on the rear wheels alone, so that while the rear wheels move, the front wheels stop the car from moving.

After installation, step on the brakes and then push the line lock button, so that when you release the brake, the front brakes will be on and the one at the back will be disengaged leaving the wheels spinning freely, burning out and smoking up. Just like the trick itself, the line locker device is also illegal but very good for practice.

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