Detailed Guide To Car Audio Systems

Driving is a really intense exercise and the availability of technologies such as car audio systems or concepts like carpooling adds a whole new level of fun. However, choosing a car audio system is not as easy as choosing your favorite flavor of iced cream. There are a lot of factors to be considered in order to make the right choice.

This post isn’t about the best marketing technique you could use to get the best car audio system, but mainly about the parts you simply shouldn’t overlook.

The Head Unit :

Terms such as single din head unit and double din head unit must have crossed your ears or glance if you’ve ever stopped to look for a car audio system. The main difference between both car audio system types is the size.

Obviously, this would mean that the double din is much wider than the single din head unit. Both car head unit  are 7 inches wide, but the single din is 2 inches tall, while the double din is simply double that. This size difference is how their functionalities are limited. The height is what gives the double din the ability to use a screen for better display and numerous features like the Apple Carplay, Android Auto , maps and much more. See the best apple carplay head unit and top rated android auto head unit.


Speakers and Subwoofers :

It doesn’t matter how cool your car’s head unit looks. If the speakers are not of good quality, then what’s the point? Now, with that being said, you might need to replace your car’s basic speakers with better ones. To do that, you need to go through a comprehensive review of the best car speakers and choose one that best suits your car aesthetically and mechanically.

On the other hand, car subwoofers are cheaper alternatives to speakers and you can easily have them installed in the rear of your vehicle. Deep bass car subwoofers offer a very good assist to your car’s basic speaker and literally turns the interior of your vehicle into a music studio. The best parts are that you can have more than one sub-woofer in your car and also, you won’t be needing to tear any parts of your vehicle apart to install it. You can call it the safer and ecofriendly option.


The process of amplification is popularly defined as the increment of the ability of a system. That’s exactly what car amplifiers will do to your car audio system. In this case, the best car amplifiers help improve the clarity of the audio that comes out of the speakers. This easily complements the use of speakers and subwoofers because there is no point in boosting a poorly produced sound.

There is no point in replacing your car’s basic speakers with one of the best ones on the market without having an amplifier to provide a clearer and richer audio production and the avenue to connect those speakers to your vehicle. However, you could still complement the car’s basic speaker with an amplifier, while you save money for a better speaker or subwoofer.

The various classes of amplifiers available on the market range from class A to class D. These different classes have different functionality and give you the ability to choose the number of channels you want in your vehicle, ranging from 2 to 5 or more channels respectively. You will need an amp wiring kit with enough speaker wires to extend your woofers too all the strategic points in your vehicle where you intend to have them installed. The other things required to install the car amplifier include power and ground wires, RCA’s and many more.

Expandability and Flexibility:

Once you get the hang of how car amplifiers work with audio systems, you will then be able to expand your system rear seat video screens, external amplifiers for picnics in isolated areas or beaches, and even portable music players through those auxiliary ports from the amplifier, USB connections as well as other audio/video outputs.

Other features to look out for:

Make sure that there are security systems put in place against thefts which are quite common these days. Others features in this niche include Bluetooth accessibility, HD radio, Satellite radio as well as a good power rating. If the power rating of the audio system is below standards, then the amplifiers and use of other cool features explained thus far will be limited.



Buying guides are meant to paint you a picture of things you definitely need, and others you could look out for in your purchase. With this kind of information, you will be able to develop a standard for yourself and find a product that matches your taste. Once you do, ensure that this choice doesn’t cut through your budget. If it does, then the purpose of a buying guide is defeated because the most expensive things are the best anyways. Goodluck!