10 Smart Hacks To Help You Save Cost On Fuel

Until after buying their own vehicles, most people don’t realize how expensive it is to pay for fuel. If you’re lacking in this area, the only benefit of having your own car that you enjoy would be restricted to the comfort and the convenience of being readily available.

However, to stretch the scope of the benefits of owning a vehicle, you need to make use of these hacks that would help you to conserve fuel.


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10 Smart Hacks To Help You Save Fuel

The internet is a free world of advice. There are lots of junk suggestions pertaining to this topic and even though some of them sound absurd, desperation can drive you to try stupid things at times. Some of them include acetone, fuel magnets and even intake air swirlers. None of these will get you anywhere.

On the other hand, these tips carefully detailed for your perusal tend to have a more lasting effect spanning across different scenarios.

1). Park in the Shade :


Park In The Shade


Most drivers do this because it keeps the interior of the car cool while they go on about their business. However, an even deeper advantage to this hack is that while keeping the interior of the car conducive, you won’t need air conditioner when you get back in.

More specifically to this topic, fuel tends to evaporate very quickly. So if you’re constantly parking in the sun, there is a tendency that the volume of fuel will reduce depending on how long it is parked there.

If there is no shade, you should park your car in such a way that the fuel tank is not facing the sun. Lastly, only buy fuel during cool periods of the day, preferably early in the morning or in the evening and make sure that the fuel cap is airtight.


2). Use High Performance Spark Plugs :


Spark Plugs


Spark plugs are one of the most important parts in the combustion chamber as they provide the spark which would be mixed with fuel to create an explosion that would move the car. If the spark plugs are not good enough, and do not fire when you rev, the fuel/air mixture produced in that instant goes to waste.

High performance spark plugs such as Iridium tipped ones create a more robust combustion spark which provides a more efficient explosion in the combustion chamber without consuming or wasting fuel. As a bonus, you would get increased power and efficiency.

3) Keep your windows open when driving on the Highway :


Open Window


When driving on the highway, there really is no need to close the windows and use the air con if you’re concerned about conserving fuel. Statistics has shown that open windows can reduce your fuel mileage by as much as 10 percent of your fuel bill.

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4). Hypermiling :

This driving style involves smooth driving without needing to accelerate or brake too hard. Don’t drive at high speeds just for the thrill of it, and at hill starts, use handbrakes instead of revving your car unnecessarily.

For petrol cars, change up your gear before you reach 2500 revs, and 2000 revs for diesel cars. At such speeds, your engine would be consuming too much fuel at low gears.

5). Turn off the vehicle if you’re going to be on the same spot for a while (usually more than a minute) :


Start Stop Technology


Obviously, you spend less fuel restarting the engine compared to leaving it on even when you’re not driving. You need to be very observant of the nature of the traffic.

Listen to a traffic radio station to gather more information about the nature of the traffic you’re stuck in. With this, you can decide whether or not to turn off the vehicle if you’re going to be there for a while.

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6). Get rid of the excess weight in the car :

Excessive Weight


There are somethings you just don’t get to do every day, no matter how much you love them. For example, leaving tennis racket or bottles for recycling lying in your boot for weeks is just absurd. If they are not important to your journey, get rid of them.

Also, by removing your roof rack and using the best tonneau cover , you get to maximize the aerodynamics of your vehicle and reduce your fuel consumption by at least 5%.


7). Make sure your tires are pumped well :


Car Tires


If the pump job or alignment is not good enough, your ride becomes rough and probably jerk the car around. To save fuel, always check the pressure of your tires occasionally to avoid leaking air and losing MPGs.

8). Use the right ride for the right job :


Train Ride


Why on earth would you drive a SUV to work if you aren’t working for the FBI or something? Bigger vehicles tend to consume more fuel- it’s a no brainer. It just doesn’t make any sense to consume that much fuel to just get yourself to work. If you can, use public transport or carpooling occasionally.

9). Plan You Route Ahead of Time :


Car On A Map


This goes in two ways. First of all, know all the alternate routes to your destination and the times when they’re busy. That way, you can make sound decisions based on the routes you take and avoid getting stuck in traffic unnecessarily.

On the other hand, plan your journeys to the T. Why would you want to drive for miles just to get a jar of milk from the store? Simply pick it up on your way from work or align such errands with other chores rather than waste fuel on something that is not as important or expensive as the fuel you consume.

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10). Track your Mileage :


Fuel Indicator



Not just occasionally, but in real time. It’s just like when you’re trying to lose body fat, you need to watch what you eat at all times. If you plan to conserve fuel, then monitor your consumption and find better ways to minimize your consumption.

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