How To Enable Google Maps Navigation On Apple CarPlay

Google Maps Carplay

Apple CarPlay is an integration software for apple phones (or devices using iOS) and a vehicle. With this software, you have control over your phone’s features such as the music, phone call, text messaging, and even navigation among other things. This integration saves you from being torn between your phone and concentrating on the road while driving.

In terms of Navigation , Google Maps is often more preferred than Apple’s in-built map , however , Apple’s restriction on the apps  available on Carplay means there’s no official (direct) way to use google Maps on your Apple Carplay Stereo.

In this article , we’re going to take a look on how to enable Google Maps on Apple CarPlay.

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Steps to Enable Google Maps on Apple CarPlay (Google Maps Carplay)

  • The first step is to download Google Maps on your iPhone (or Apple Device). Dow


  • Then you need to enable location services which will turn on the GPS of your phone and then mark your location in the map. By doing so, the map tracks your location  and gives you directions to your preferred destination.


  • Also, you’ll need to enable Google Map as a background service so that you can use other features while the map runs in the background.


  • To enable the background setting, enter the “Settings” app, and select “General” settings. Select “Background App Refresh”. It turns green when it’s on. This makes sure that the app is refreshed momentarily to give you live updates without you having to click on refresh every time.






  • Under the “Background App Refresh”, select “Google Maps” which also turns green when it’s activated.


  • For  Location Services, Enter “Settings” , “Privacy” and select “Location Services”. The location service uses GPS, Bluetooth, crowed sourced Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile tower locations to determine your location approximately.


  • After turning on the location service, you’ll get a drop down menu with “Google Maps” as one of its listings, then set it to “While Using”. This is important because the location setting tends to consume internet data and battery whenever it’s on. It’s best to restrict this to when it’s being useful and not all hours of the day.



  • After this is set, you can now connect your mobile device to the CarPlay system and open the Google map app on your device (It will not be on the CarPlay Display). On the phone, select the location you intend to go, and then activate the turn-by-turn navigation by pressing the “start navigation” button in the Google Maps app.


With this, the Google Maps app will run in the background and give you turn by turn directions to your destination.


Precautions :

Considering that one of the major aims of the Apple CarPlay integration is to increase your concentration on the road by turning your vehicle into the phone, it’s best to have this entire procedure setup while you’re safely parked. The only way you can do so while driving is if you have the “Speech to Text” setting activated. Then you can say the maps’ voice command and then input your destination.

The Google map features a very detailed map of different places in the world, including preloaded places of interests and alternate routes among other things. These features make the app loading very heavy which means that it consumes a lot of Random Access Memory. Therefore, it’s not advisable to have too many other apps running while the navigation is on.

Also avoid switching through too many apps while it’s in use because if you take up too much processing memory, the Google Map is preset by the iOS to automatically shut itself down in order to save space and keep the device running.

This is also applicable to other navigation apps such as the Waze navigation app, etc.

The effectiveness of this app depends on the type of Stereo head unit you buy. Make sure that whichever stereo unit you buy has a big screen to accommodate your needs and then run your apps seamlessly because delays can be very frustrating while driving. See our list of the good head units for apple carplay.

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