How To Enable Waze Navigation On Apple Carplay

Navigation isn’t easy and traffic congestion don’t make it any better. To avoid this, car users have had to seek more advanced techs that could provide live updates of their travel routes so that they don’t get help up in terrible traffic.

Google has pioneered this innovation and apparently, they’re still forerunners in the navigation game since even the term “navigation” is synonymous to Google maps. For a long while, Google maps were the only options available and even apple mobile products used them. However, more recently, better alternatives have popped up. The one that’s caught our eye is the waze map that was recently acquired by Google in 2013 and run separately from their original Google map.



The Waze navigation app has the best traffic data report accuracy compared to Google maps and apple maps. However, the user interface is not the most attractive of the trio, and might be difficult to set up.

The Carplay system includes services like calling, messaging, streaming music apps and siri, among others. This article shows you how to include the Waze navigation app to this system so that you can get live traffic updates from your car without having to distract yourself with your phone at every turn.


Waze Carplay : How To Enable Waze Navigation On Apple Carplay

Before we begin this tutorial i’ld assume that you have already downloaded the Waze App to your iPhone/ Apple Gadget via the Appstore. You can download now if you haven’t.


Firstly, you need to access the settings on your Apple Device and select general settings.



Under the general settings, activate the background app refresh setting.




This makes sure that the system gets a live feed from its connections because that’s the only way you can get live traffic updates. Turning this setting on would increase your battery consumption naturally, so, you should probably turn it off when you have no use for it.

Under the background app refresh setting, scroll down and activate the Waze option.



Afterwards, go back to the settings’ first screen and enter the privacy settings.



Then turn on the location services.





That gives the app a live update of your current location instead of guessing where you are on the map like you would on paper maps. Once the app recognizes your location, it can calculate the time to your destination, the best routes to your destination and guide you in case you’re unfamiliar with the location you’re travelling to.


Under the location services, scroll down and set the waze option to always.



Now turn on the waze app on your phone and connect it to the carplay system. The maps won’t be displayed on your carplay system, but you’ll get direction alerts while you drive without interrupting any other apps you have running on the system.

One more thing , Make sure that the connection between apple carplay and waze app is enabled.


To get directions, select the location you’re driving to on your phone, start the turn by turn navigation protocol and press the Go now button.

One major precaution is that while the waze app is on and giving you directions, try to reduce the amount of other apps you have running on the carplay system. This is because, unlike quad core processors or high tech hardware, the carplay system can only handle so much on the go. Also, the Apple’s Operating system’s default setting shuts down background apps when the load gets too much, in this case, the waze app.

This installation process also works on other navigation apps.

Alternatively, you can quit other apps on the carplay system and use the waze navigation directly on the front end, and not as a background app. The advantage of doing this is that you get to see the directions appear on screen while you drive. However, you won’t be able to run other apps while at it, and that might make for a boring road trip.

Hope you found this tutorial useful? You can leave a comment below if you have any questions and also read our guide on getting a new car stereo.

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  1. “The Waze maps won’t be displayed on your carplay system, but you’ll get direction alerts while you drive.”

    No thanks. Methinks this probably needs to be mentioned at the BEGINNING of the article.

  2. pour ceux qui ont installé un auto radio Pioneer compatible Carplay bien entendu. Evidemment avec carplay, pas Waze.
    Pioneer a développé une appli du nom de appradio et là miracle j’arrive à capter waze.
    Dabord telécharger waze sur son iphone.
    telecharger appradio sur son iphone
    avant de mettre le contact sur sa voiture. Ouvrir waze sur son iphone et charger son itinéraire. Brancher son iphone en USB sur son autoradio.
    Mettre le contact, l’autoradio Pioneer s’allume, une fenètre s’ouvre choisir carplay ou appRadio. Choisir appRadio , une icone Waze est présente, cliquer et le parcours s’ouvre sur l’écran avec le son. L’écran de l’iphone devient noir
    Voilà le travail………et vogue la galère………

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