Kenwood DDX-271 Double Din Stereo Review & Ratings

Kenwood DDX-271 Review , Kenwood DDX-271 Double Din Stereo Review

Double Din car stereos don’t get better than the Kenwood DDX-271. With all the advancements in the personal technology space, the auto multimedia industry has caught the fever and things no one thought possible some years ago are becoming not just available but even affordable.

One such example of technology at work is the Kenwood DDX-271 double Din car stereo. Unsurprisingly, this type of advanced car stereo system can only be made by Kenwood who are industry pacesetters. They see the importance of aftermarket double Din stereo heads with the users audio devices.


Kenwood DDX-271 Review – Everything In Details


Display :



It comes with a powerful 6.1-inch WVGA touch screen. The LED display makes navigating between music inputs easier than with other head units in the same range. The touchscreen brings to fore everything you might want to do is more relatable no matter what it is you’re doing, be it simple tasks like increasing the audio volume or complicated ones like balancing the equalizer.

When it comes to the video, watching DVDs and any other kind of video file feel as habitual as watching video on YouTube. All you need to do is to tap the screen to perform all video controls or you can point and click your media from a selected point. As soon as you get the media going, you’ll begin to enjoy it with virtually the same quality expected from your smartphone or tablet.

As one of our top picks for the best double Din stereo units, the DDX271 makes use of the standard video resolution deployed in mobile devices meaning video quality is the same on the stereo unit. This Kenwood Double Din unit offers full integration for devices, which is connecting, charging and two-way control.


Connectivity and controls :


Kenwood DDX-271 combines intuitive control with clear picture quality on the stereo head with a well-integrated USB connection. You can change songs and control the level of music output wherever you are in the car. This unit is incredibly versatile in that it provides you with 18 different languages to choose from, thereby allowing you enjoy your product in the language you feel most comfortable in. It has an iPhone app mode that can be enabled to allow iPhone and iPod users easily access their music safely and easily.

It works with SiriusXM tuner although it is not included in the product package. It features rear USB input, rear-view camera input, and dual rear A/V inputs. Another good thing is that it is compatible with most factory steering wheel audio controls although it requires the use of an adapter.

Although there are a lot of advantages apple users get from this unit it can also connect easily to Android phones and large storage media devices. It supports Pandora controls with iPhones and its iPhone app mode offers limited control of apps such as YouTube and Netflix for unrestricted video viewing. It fits into any double Dindash openings because it’s built to the industry standard size of double din units so there’s no need to worry if you’ll be able to use it for your vehicle.


Audio quality

Kenwood DDX-271 features a built-in internal amplifier of 22 watts RMS meaning what you get is high-quality sound because it boosts audio quality of your speakers. It has a 3 band parametric equalizer with 8preset EQcurves and high and low pass filters.  It also has subwoofer controls with speaker type settings making it very easy to use this head unit.


Pros :

  • It features a 6.1 inch wide VGA color LED display with LCD
  • It supports and read almost any music file type
  • It has an intuitive touch panel control
  • Sleek, sophisticated but easy to use design
  • It has customizable background
  • This double din head unit has variable color illumination that allows you easily customize the Kenwood DDX271 to match your vehicle’s interior lighting
  • It features an iPhone app mode specially made to improve the iPhone user experience
  • Comes with a 90-day warranty


Cons :

  • It does not have Bluetooth connectivity




With the plethora of safety and media options especially the DVD playback, you can enjoy your driving experience more and keep your family entertained during a long journey.

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