Kenwood DPX300U Double Din Reviews & Ratings

Kenwood DPX300U Review

Are you looking for a double Din unit that’s affordable and yet has very important features? If you answer yes to that question then you should take a closer look at the Kenwood DPX300U. This is one of the best, shiny and top-of-the-range model of double Din units you can find on the market. It has a lot of vital features and tools that help you turn your vehicle into a multimedia and quality sound arena.


Kenwood DPX300U Review


Display :



Although its design makes it look like your vehicle’s built-in stereo head, you’ll be shocked to know that it only looks simple it is way more sophisticated than you think. It comes with features that’ll wow you as soon as you begin to use it. For those that are not technology freaks like most, we’re sure they’ll most likely find this unit even more pleasant than you think. Its CD drive, simple pause/play/skip buttons, and radio station buttons make it easy to use and interact with the Kenwood DPX300U without any complications.

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Connectivity and Controls

Apart from the basic radio function, it provides you with options with of both CD drive and a front mounted USB, which you won’t ordinarily think about.

Now you can even decide to get rid of burned CDs in your car thanks to the front facing iPod and USB connectivity function of this double Din unit. All you need to do is to plug in your iPod or any other USB compatible device and it’s ready to serve you. It has a user interface that’s pretty much easy to use and allows you play songs, search songs and easily control everything concerning your music through the double Din head unit.

It has nice, sleek and easy to use controls right there on the unit head and it comes with a remote that allows passengers control the unit from any seat in the car. The interface of the unit is designed in such a way that the controls are big and with a lot of space, making the keys very easy to remember.

This stereo head is perfect for those constantly on the go and needs to keep their phones charged. Meaning there’s absolutely no need to worry about the stereo head draining your device because while it is connected to the DPX300U it’ll even charge it steadily. This product goes beyond adding just a new dimension to your driving experience, it actually changes the way you think about stereo heads.


Audio quality

Although it doesn’t have the Bluetooth functionality, it is compatible with SiriusXM for people who like their music the old fashioned way. It also has USB inputs for other additional storage devices from which you might want to play your music. With 6 channel preamp outputs for rear, sub and front speakers, this DPX300U is definitely a good deal.


It has a 22-watt continuous average power, meaning it is one of the best heads with aftermarket speakers because the extra power generates a noticeable boost in audio quality. With its 13 digit variable color display, what you get a sleek head unit. The DPX300U has the capability to recognize iTunes specific AAC, Windows-based WMA music files, and the universal Mp3.


This means that even if you have a burned CD, there’s no need to go through all the stress of having to do file conversions which most times leads to loss of sound quality. It also has the necessary technology to capture all the vital data that makes any music file format that comes its way easily detectable and indistinguishable.


Pros :

  • With a focus on churning out top notch sound, this stereo head is proudly audiophile standard
  • It has 22-watt continuous average power
  • It recognizes almost any music file type
  • It is affordable
  • This double Din stereo head boasts of high power
  • Simple, sleek and easy to use interface
  • Impressively big expandability
  • It boasts a frequency response in the range of 10Hz to 20kHz
  • It is SiriusXM compatible


Cons :

  • Relies solely on analog controls
  • Lacks Bluetooth connectivity function




Kenwood is definitely one the front runners in auto multimedia and over time, they have produced numerous first class stereo heads. The DPX300U is respected widely as one of the top 5 units ever produced by Kenwood till date.

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