Kenwood DPX500BT Double Din Stereo Review & Ratings

Kenwood DPX500BT Review

The Kenwood DPX500BT is a Bluetooth enabled double Din In-Dash Car Stereo.  It is a wonderful sound system for cars and it has a lot of entertainment features based on the latest technology. The features incorporated into the DPX500BT is targeted towards safe driving and ease of use.


Kenwood DPX500BT Review


Display :



There are a lot of reasons why might begin to feel like the radio or In-Dash stereo that came with your car is no longer adequate. For some, it’s because their current stereo unit can’t connect to Bluetooth, and some the sound quality isn’t just enough to satisfy their audio listening needs. It’s screen measures 6.1 × 7.2 × 4.4 inches and it also has a standard design color that matches very well with your dashboard. Its screen offers you bright contrast display with clear text information on the 1.5-inch line screen and its bright light display is so useful when interacting with the product.


Connectivity and control

The Kenwood Double DIN DPX500BT In-Dash car stereo receiver stands out because of some of its latest technology features. One of such features is its built-in Bluetooth capabilities that will not only give you a more convenient head unit but will also allow you drive safer by giving you fewer distractions.


The Bluetooth functionality promotes safe driving because it allows have your conversations and you control your music without having to hold your phone. With this Kenwood DPX500BT, you can set your calls to be answered either with the touch of a button or even automatically. It uses a very good Bluetooth technology that allows you connect with virtually any smartphone or audio device on the planet as long as my that device has Bluetooth capabilities.


If you decide you do not want to connect your device to the stereo unit at any time, the DPX500BT also has the USB connectivity features. The easy to use interface makes it possible to browse through your smartphone.


There’s a USB port that makes it possible to connect any storage device with large storage of music files and it also allows access to control your Pandora smartphone application although you’ll need to have the application installed on your phone. It features an App/iPod mode that disables the receiver’s integrated control and allows passengers control the music manually and this keeps helps to ensure that everyone in the vehicle is safe.


Audio quality

It can play audio from any device whatsoever whether it’s ani OS or Android as long as it has a Bluetooth connectivity. It comes with 6 ×2.5v audio signal ports that help to amplify the sound performance and it has a crossover system whose job is to filter out any unwanted frequencies to ensure all you get is great sound. Its multiple operating options of this unit are very user-friendly.


It uses a software that can be updated to always improve the performance of the device meaning you have the choice of updating the software through Kenwood’s official website.



Pros :

  • This is a very economical but reliable and durable double Din stereo unit
  • It is compatible with various storage devices
  • Allows for advanced iPod browsing
  • Connection via Bluetooth is very easy
  • Features a crossover system that ensure better sound output
  • It can also function as a radio
  • Making and taking calls can be done hands-free


Cons :

  • USB devices are sometimes not detected till you retry a few times especially for new devices
  • The dim display might also be an issue for some users
  • Radio isn’t consistent
  • It doesn’t have any media display or colored lights




The Kenwood Double DIN DPX500BT is one of the most versatile stereo units on the market. It allows you enjoy your driving experience with good music in a whole new level. With its advanced Bluetooth capabilities, you’ll be able to connect to almost any device and also browse through your devices easily. You’ll also enjoy safer driving because its functions and features help to reduce interference with your driving. For those that love music and want to enjoy one of the best sound experience, this is for you.


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