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Compared to HIDs , LED headlights have several advantages such as lower energy consumption, performance and durability. However, going by the fact that the market is flooded with several varieties, selecting the best led headlights for your car may not be as straightforward as it seems.

This article compares the top 5 LED headlights on the market , highlighting their features , pros and cons.



The Best LED Headlights Of 2018

Below are the 5 best LED headlights that offers the best functionality and durability.

LED HeadlightLumensColorLED ChipPricing
1). HIKARI LED Headlights9600LM6000KCREE XHP50
2). Auxbeam F-16 LED Headlights6000LM6000KCREE LED Chips
3). OPT7 Flauxbeam LED headlight7000LM6000KCREE MK-R
4). Slimdevanma LED Headlights8000LM6000KAdvanced
5). Glowteck LED headlights8000LM6000KCREE XHP50

1. HIKARI LED Headlights Bulb conversion kit :

HIKARI’s LED is one the most impressive bulbs you can get for your car. Made of solid materials, these headlights leave you with no question about quality. The LED bulb is made with class and style in mind; with its modern and advanced features this headlight will give you more than you bargained for.

One most interesting thing about the HIKARI LED is that it is the only one in the market that uses CREE XHP50 LED technology which ensures a clear beam pattern. The 12-volt headlights are also waterproof not forgetting the dominant heat dispersion.

  • With HIKARI bulbs, your night traveling experience will never be the same. The 6000k bulb produces 9600 lumens which light up in darkness making you almost forget you are driving at night.

The headlights are kept intact and away from damage by the aluminum alloy casing. Its inbuilt fan keeps the system cool increasing its durability.

The HIKARI bulbs are made with variable frequency technology which enables the transfer of power to the LEDs to ensure that maximum brightness is produced. The bulbs can work in different weather conditions thanks to its intelligent control circuit.

2. Auxbeam LED Headlights F-16 Series :

If you want to convert your halogen headlight kit to LED, this is a great conversion kit for you. The kit contains excellent bulb size for headlights and fog light. Made of quality material doubled by aluminum gold finishing, this aux beam headlight is one of the classiest and stylish LED lights on the market. Its inbuilt turbo fan aids in faster cooling of the system ensuring durability.

This LED lights have a high power CREE that lights up immediately and its clear beam technology enables high visibility, especially in the dark. The chip emits white 6000k color temperature that is ideal for the DRL system. Its light is evenly dispersed without dazzling oncoming vehicles. Additionally, the soft white light can profoundly reflect road paint and signs, this way you have a clear road situation.

The IP68 water and dust seal improves the headlight performance and durability. Besides, the waterproof design enables consistent light emission each time.

This Auxbeam conversion kit is always accompanied by the CAN bus decoder and LED driver. With other brands of the LED bulbs, the error light appears on the dash, but with auxbeam LED F-16, the decoder takes care of all that.

The headlights work at a voltage of DC 8-48 on an operating temperature if -40 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius. With this kind of low energy consumption, auxbeam F-16 is undoubtedly one of the best-LED headlights.

The headlight installation is pretty simple. The first step is always to disconnect the factory harness from the halogen bulb and have it removed. Secondly, install the F-16 LED light in the headlight spot. Lastly, plug the factory harness to the F-16 light, and there you go!


  • Classy modern finish
  • CREE LED chips
  • IP68 dust and waterproof
  • Excellent cooling system.
  • Emits clear light without obscuring the oncoming vehicles.


  • Has a CAN bus, therefore cannot work with all car models
  • Is not for reflector housing
  • Does not provide clear visibility since it emits yellowish light.
  • Its 6000 lumens do not cover much area, especially during the foggy season.

3. OPT7 Flauxbeam LED headlight conversion kit :

The OPT Fluxbeam has a  combination of class and functionality. Being the only headlight in the market that uses the CREE MK-R LED, this headlight emits an excellent beam pattern that makes driving enjoyable and more relaxed.

This headlight can last for about 50,000 hours, thanks to its advanced cooling system. In addition to that, its water and dust proof driver housing can function properly even in harshly environment. The bulbs light immediately to achieve full 6000-kelvin brightness.

The flat beam headlight is highly compatible with any vehicle CPU. The headlights can generate even light that lasts much longer than that of other brands. It’s advanced brighter LED design syncs with the driver for heat protection optimization.

  • The beam headlights are replacements for H1 bulbs, they therefore, work to efficiently replace the foggy lights, low beams and high beams with excellent LED lighting.

Besides the headlights, the manufacturer package also contains capacitors to increase chances of compatibility with CAN-bus vehicles.

To back the above claims, fluxbeam headlights come with a two-year warranty and lifetime support from the manufacturer. If you happen to be looking for top quality, the OPT7 is the headlight bulb for you. For a long-lasting bulb, the OPT7 fluxbeam headlights are worth every penny.


  • CREE MK-R LED on board
  • IP67 rain and water resistant
  • Clear glass lens without black spots
  • 2-year warranty


  • Costly
  • Has potential fitting issues

4. Slimdevanma LED Automobile headlight bulbs

The slimdevenma LED headlights has a simple design that easily supports plug and play. It requires no external parts; yours is to plug into the factory housing simply. The slimdevanma is made of a unique design with excellent lighting pattern enabling acute visibility to the users.

The soft white bright light distributes evenly on the road without dark spots. It additionally reflects road signs and paints thanks to its 6000k bright light.

The conversion kit is easy to install. All it needs is a proper alignment of the headlight. You need to have the headlight against the wall and the car up to 20 feet, the screw behind the headline assembly, if turned clockwise, the lighting is lowered and if anti-clockwise the lighting is raised.

The input turbo fan ensures that the driver is accurately controlled to enable maximum heat dissipation. Its water and resistance feature improves the headlight’s overall durability.

Slimdevanma is an easy to install conversion kit that comes with a two-year warranty and lives time customer support. Its performance and quality will not be a disappointment.


  • LED chips
  • A natural replacement for the HIP xenon
  • Very clear and does not emit blinding glare
  • Has dark spot removal technology
  • Easy to install
  • Has no external driver
  • Has a two-year warranty


  • One needs to purchase an anti-flicker harness for old car models. It is the only way you can take care of flickering issues.
  • May not be as bright as one could expect.
  • Does not fit HI3 sockets
  • Too much light that may not be used unless it’s foggy or excessively dark.

5. Glowteck LED headlights Bulbs Conversion Kit :

The best LED headlights list cannot be complete without talking about the glowteck LED headlight. From classy modern finish to adjustable beam pattern, the glowteck headlights have a lot to offer.

The lights have two forms of the cooling system, increasing the durability of the bulb. Additionally, the aluminum coated copper heat sink helps dissipate the heat. Have i mentioned that the glowteck bulb has an inbuilt Japanese ball bearing cooling fan? The cooling system prolongs the bulb lighting up to about 40,000 hours.

The 6000k light with an immediate start makes it perfect use for low beams, foggy weather and high beams. The 8000-lumen anti-glare body excellently projects light making it an ideal HID replacement.

The user manual is clear and precise; there is specific information on how to set up the lighting. Amazingly, it will take you only 20 minutes or less to install. Its two-year warranty gives the glowteck a powerful boost into our best-LED Headlights list.


  • Water and dust resistant
  • Excellent brightness
  • Plug in and play installation
  • CREE XHP50 LED chips
  • Double cooling system
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable beam to accommodate a variety of vehicles.


  • Customer support not readily available

Our final thoughts

LED lights are of quality and durability. For this reason, it never hurts to spend a little more. The above reviews are to make you have a clear idea of what each headlight offers and its suitability. Regardless of your choice, we hope that these reviews were of help in making the best decision.

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