Top 5 Car Lifts For Home Garage

Best Car Lift For Home GaragePurchasing the best car lift for home garage is the biggest investment you will ever make for your garage because it is one of the most expensive garage equipment. Make no mistake , a quality vehicle lift for garage costs no less than $1,500 , with some products selling for as much as $3,000.

Car garage lifts are not compulsory for everyone but can have a BIG improvement on the way you work. They are tall , heavy and take different forms such as 2 post lift, 4 post lift, scissor lift and ramp lift.

Our buyer’s guide below covers everything you need to know about residential garage lift for cars.

Recommended Car Lift
TRIUMPH NT-9 9000Lbs Two Post Floor Plate Lift
49 Reviews
TRIUMPH NT-9 9000Lbs Two Post Floor Plate Lift
  • Lifting Capacity  9000 lbs.
  • Overall Height   109
  • Overall Width    132

Best Car Lift For Home Garage Reviews

Car LiftTypePrice
Triumph NT-92-Post
QuickJack 5175376Ramp
BendPak MD-6XPScissors
Auto Lift Car-Park-84-Post

Before we go into the list of best home car lift , we would like to share 3 important tips that will help you make the right decision regarding home garage lifts.

Buyer’s Guide – 3 Things To Consider

 1). We don’t advice you to buy a used garage lift and the reason is simply because of wear and tear. Things change with time and products tend to lose their quality the more they are used.

A used vehicle lift may have been stressed beyond imagination and gone through several maintenance cycles ; thus having reduced quality.

I’m sure you wouldn’t put your life at risk by using a product with “half life” , would you?

2).  Spare no cash when purchasing the best car lift for home garage.

We can’t over emphasize how important it is to purchase a quality vehicle lift because your life is at risk. A small malfunction can send the whole vehicle crashing down on you and may result to life threatening injuries.

So , buy it if you can afford it. Don’t look for shortcuts.

3). The size of your garage should also be put into consideration before purchasing an auto lift.

Vehicle lifts are tall and heavy so you need to ensure your garage is in top shape to handle them. 2 post vehicle lifts are common in most garages , while 4 post car lifts are mostly used by professional mechanics.

The Best Vehicle Lift For Home Garage

1). Triumph NT-9 – The Best 2 Post Car Lift :

TRIUMPH NT-9 9000Lbs Two Post Floor Plate Lift
49 Reviews
TRIUMPH NT-9 9000Lbs Two Post Floor Plate Lift
  • Lifting Capacity  9000 lbs.
  • Overall Height   109
  • Overall Width    132

After spending countless hours researching , watching videos of Car Lifts and compiling users feedback , we think Triumph’s NT-9 is the best 2 post car lift for home garage.

When on the market for a new car lift , you would generally be on the lookout for a product that is reliable , efficient and offers great value for money. NT-9 car lift fits this description perfectly.

Triumph NT-9With a carrying capacity of 9,000 pounds and lifting height of up to 72 inches , Triumph’s NT-9 gets the job done at a lesser price than other 2 post lifts. Users love this car lift for the fact that it is portable and fits most garages.

Installation is a breeze as you can fully setup by yourself (with the help of a buddy) or hire some to do it for you. However , should you decided to install yourself , you would need to read and watch a lot of resources as the Triumph NT-9 doesn’t not come with an installation manual.

The average installation time we got was 3 hours although some users installed theirs in 4+ hours (because they did it all alone).

Asides that installation instructions are not available , there were minimal complains we got about this product. Infact , some users love this car lift so much that they would buy it all over again.

The Specifications :

  • Lifting Capacity : 9000 lbs.
  • Overall Height : 111″
  • Overall Width : 132″
  • Width Between Posts : 106″
  • Drive Thru Width  : 95″
  • Lifting Height : 72″
  • Lowered Height : 4.5″
  • Base Plate Size : 19″x17″
  • Lock Release : Dual Point
  • Electric Safety Shutoff : No
  • Concrete PSI : 3,000
  • Motor 3 Horse Power
  • Voltage 220 Volts
  • Lifting Time : 40 seconds
  • Shipping Weight – 1,303 lbs.


2) . QuickJack 5175376 – Best Portable Car Lift For Home Garage :

QuickJack 5175376 BL-5000SLX Car Lift
31 Reviews
QuickJack 5175376 BL-5000SLX Car Lift
  • Local Sales Tax will apply for IL & CA Orders
  • 110V AC Motor
  • Other motors available: 12V DC, 220V AC, 240V AC - Please see other...

Quickjack 5175376 is a unique car lift that caught our attention by its size and portability.

Infact when we first saw this lift , we wondered how such a small tool could carry heavy load. Compared to other products on the market , this is hands-down the most portable car lift for home garage.

Quickjack 5175376The Quickjack  car lift is perfect for garages with limited space and is mobile compared to 2-post and 4-post lifts that can only stay in one place. You can easily stow it in the trunk or back sit of your car and take it with you wherever you go. It has the ability to lift cars weighing up to 5000lbs.

The technology behind this lift involves the use of a 110V AC motor which at the push of a button , can raise the car 2 feet above the ground ; all in less than a minute. Once the lift is up , the dual-position automatic safety locks engages to provide safety for you and the vehicle.

In conclusion , Quickjack 5175376 is a small (in size) but efficient car lift that gets the job done. The only drawback is its 5,000lbs max carrying capacity which may not be suitable for heavier vehicles.  The feedback has been positive so far and many users wish they bought it long ago.

3). TRIUMPH NSS-8 – Best 4 Post Vehicle Lift For Home Garage :

TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Lift
27 Reviews
TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Lift
  • Overall Height   84"
  • Overall Length   175"
  • Drive Through Width   93"
  • Runway Length   165"

Triumph is a big player in the car lift industry and its no surprise to see them dominate this list. One of their star products , Triumph NSS-8 ,  is a powerful lift recommended for professionals looking to purchase the best 4 post car lift for their home garage.

TRIUMPH NSS-8Because professionals work with a lot of cars , they need a lift that is not only good for servicing but can also store cars when needed. The NSS-8 provides an easy solution for this. It has the ability to lift cars weighing up to 8000 pounds.

Professionals love the addition of caster kit which allows for easy movement of the auto lift around the garage , jack tray which allows for bottle / floor jack to lift one end of the vehicle , and three drip trays which keeps any fluid from the top vehicle from dripping on the bottom vehicle.

Full installation of this lift can be done within 4 – 6 hours , however , one complain that was echoed by professionals is the lack of an installation guide. This lift does not come with a guide for installation , so you have to download it from the internet and figure everything out yourself.

Here are the specifications : 

  • 84 inches height
  • 175 inches length
  • 93 inches drive through width
  • 165 inches runway length

4). BendPak MD-6XP – Best Scissor Car Lift :

- BendPak Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift - 6,000lb. Capacity, Model# MD-6XP
15 Reviews
- BendPak Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift - 6,000lb. Capacity, Model# MD-6XP
  • Ideal for servicing light-duty trucks and cars
  • Portable motor cart serves as a tow handle to easily move lift from bay to...
  • Powered by a 1-phase 110-220V, electric motor providing smooth and...
  • Raises to full height in just 45 seconds
  • Lowers to just 4 3/4in., making the unit able to fit under many vehicles

If you have a narrow garage with limited space for a 2-post or 4-post car lift , a scissors car lift may be the best option for you. Scissor lifts look small in size but are powerful in lifting cars for servicing.

BendPak MD-6XPThe best scissor car lift is BendPak MD-6XP which is able to effectively lift vehicles weighing up to 6000 pounds. It is perfect for servicing light duty trucks and cars , and does its job with ease.

This lift comes with 1-phase 110-220V, electric motor  tasked with providing smooth and efficient lifting power to raise a vehicle from ground to full height in less than 45 seconds. Also , the portable motor cart serves as a tow handle to easily move lift from bay to bay.

In conclusion , BendPak MD-6XP is a reliable car lift for home garage. It is a well constructed vehicle lift with features to ensure safety as you work. We got no complains of this product.

5). Auto Lift Car-Park-8 :

Auto Lift Car-Park-8 4 Post Parking Storage Car Lift 8,000 lb
4 Reviews
Auto Lift Car-Park-8 4 Post Parking Storage Car Lift 8,000 lb
  • Carriages completely enclosed for safety. Redundant ladder lock safety...
  • Aircraft quality cables rated at 14,500 lbs. Easy operation: Lock release...
  • 18" wide runways formed with one-piece 3/16" non-skid diamond plate....
  • Large 3" diameter. Many options available!

Auto lift car park is the most expensive product on our list of best car lift for home garage but is well deserving of its accolades for being the perfect storage and servicing lift.

Auto Lift Car-Park-8With the capacity to hold up to 8,000 pounds weight , this 4 post car lift it is the perfect tool for mechanics that work with a lot of vehicles , and can be used for both storing and servicing the vehicles.

The Auto Lift Car-Park-8 takes safety seriously. Its carriages are completely enclosed for safety and the redundant ladder lock safety system with “auto engage” locking bar is in place in case of cable failure. Full installation can be done in roughly 6 hours by yourself (very stressful) or with the help of others.

The Specifications :

  • Overall Length: 207 inches
  • Overall Width: 103 inches
  • Overall Height: 86 inches
  • Lifting Height: 74 inches
  • Runway Platforms Width: 18 inches
  • Runway Length: 180 inches
  • Between Posts width: 94 inches
  • Capacity: 8,000 lbs

Vehicle Lift For Home Garage

Conclusion :

The 5 best car lift for home garage listed above are proven winners and sure to get the work done. We hope our buyer’s guide has been able to help you purchase the right vehicle lift for your home garage.

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